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    Is there anything better than National Sandwich Day? Maybe. But today we salute you, oh great sandwich. Whether you’re a classic peanut butter and jelly, an oozing grilled cheese, a tasty egg and sausage between two fluffy biscuits, or my personal favorite- ice cream smashed among chocolate chip cookies- we dedicate this day to you.

    Thinking of grabbing a sammie with the co-workers for lunch (or breakfast)? How about popping in to local favorites: Butcher & Bee, Tattooed Moose, Closed For Business, East Bay Deli, Caviar & Bananas, Ted's Butcherblock, The Pickled Palate, Swig & Swine, or Peace Pie. All offer a variety of choices to fulfill your Thursday sandwich fix. 

    Looking for more of a bargain for your sandwich? Check out the list below for November 3rd steals and deals.

    • Arby’s: Free Roast Beef Classic with the purchase of a drink—but only if you sign up for the email deals.
    • McAlister’s Deli: A choice of six different club sandwiches all priced at just $4. 
    • Panera Bread: Panera offers to use code RPUBC2 at checkout (when ordering online) and you can save $3 on your order. This offer is valid through November 6. (Even after NSD!)
    • Subway: Sub lovers, you can buy any sandwich and drink and get another sandwich of equal or lesser value for FREE! You’re welcome.

    However you celebrate the holiday, shout out to sandwich-inventor-extraordinaire John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. You’re the real MVP of today.

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  • 12/19/16--06:07: Christmas Bare Footing

  • Bare footing during Christmas Week?  Well yes, with The Barefoot Movement and Finnegan Bell.

    We actually could be bare footing in the low country this week, but thankfully the weather outside was seasonally delightful! We donned mittens, scarves, and boots and cozied up close in the pews of a stoically quiet historic church for an awesome Christmas show! What? Did you miss it? Don't worry this line up will be back by popular demand soon, I am sure.

    STAC House and Awendaw Green's presentation of Christmas with the Barefoot Movement & Finnegan Bell at the St.Thomas & St.Denis church off of Cainhoy road was mesmerizing, once again. How could it not be?  A leaf-strewn and root-traversed church site off the beaten path with a history dating three centuries, musicians young and younger oozing with talent, food, wine and spirits of Christmas past. 

    I've been to several of the STAC House events and have never been disappointed, but — my hubby sure was!  He came down with a terrible cold or bug the day of the show. I tagged along on a surprise date night with my friend and her gracious hubby! I believe he knew immediately he had lost the "date" aspect of the night to the chattering friends the minute that we both climbed into the front seats of the vehicle together to come to the event. 

    When we pulled off of the dark two lane road onto the pine strewn property I could see the busy elves of Eddie White and his Awendaw Green crew bustling around with Pastor Hamilton Smith of STAC (St.Thomas Anglican Church) performing their last minute preparations. One by one, more vehicles found the narrow drive and gathered together before the show. The crowd mingled, ate gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken bog by Lisa Love Catering, sipped wine and warmed themselves near the outdoor heaters until Hamilton Smith rang the cowbell to signal us into the candlelit and strobed sanctuary. 

    The show started with Finnegan Bell, Charleston's very own. I loved their selections, my personal favorite is Carolina Line, but they had a few interesting compilations, which had us all grinning. One in particular played by Shane Williams and sung my Warren Bazemore was called Mathew's Begats by Andrew Peterson from his Behold The Lamb Of God album. Yes, you guessed it, a full 2-minute chronological lineage to Christ.

    Their melodic voices and instruments primed the crowd for The Barefoot Movement who wowed us with their "just try to be still in your seat" foot stomping, roof rising, bluegrass version of Christmas favorites. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” was one my favorites!! It brought back memories of rat pack, retro 50’s tunes from my childhood. But another fun selection was an intro to a tune from Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

    I watched the reflections of smiling faces in the candle lit church panes and imagined those who sat here over the centuries. At the stroke of a clock sometime later tonight the huge red doors will lock and silence will fall over the quiet church of non-parishioners once again, but—tonight, it is filled with light and love and joy and laughter. 
    Thanks, Finnegan Bell, The Barefoot Movement, Eddie White of Awendaw Green, Hamilton Smith, pastor of St. Thomas Anglican Church, and all of the wonderful elves that put up the lights, heat stands, sound systems and food and beverage tents.

    I am grateful for their creative enthusiasm. East Cooper is very fortunate to have this awesome venue, church outreach, and musical trifecta in their community. This nostalgic encore event was magical and I am already looking forward to the next one. 
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Now that Christmas is a few days past and the majority of us are on that lull in work between Christmas and New Years, now is a great time to enjoy the many fun holiday activities with your kids that are still running here in Charleston. 

    One that has been around for ages is the Festival of Lights. James Island County Park is transformed into a winter wonderland that could rival the North Pole itself. Kids of all ages love the Festival of Lights. If you are looking to plan an evening there, here is a great place to start.

    Before You Go, Eat!

    Be sure to get you and your minions fed before you go, trust me. Sometimes lines can be long and cars drive slow throughout the park and nothing makes you want to scream than your kids screaming about food. James Island County Park is located off of Riverland Drive and close to many area restaurants. You can go for a nice dinner or something casual. Here are a few places that you could pick from:

    1. Paisano’s- Located on Camp Road, they have the best pizza. I’m not kidding, after trying them at a nephew’s birthday party, I refuse to eat any other pizza.
    2. Zia Taqueria- These guys are right by The Terrace movie theater and have phenomenal tacos and margaritas. They have kids items as well for those of you who have little ones who will only eat “cheese triangles”.
    3. Bohemian Bull- Huge draft beer menu and incredible food. They are on Folly Road past the park but are only a 5-minute drive so it’s not too bad.
    4. Melvin’s- This one is a personal family favorite and where we went this year. You can’t beat BBQ and burgers and fries.

    James Island Festival of Lights

    The Festival of Lights is going on now through January 1st. They are open every day of the week from 5:30 to 10 (weekdays) and 11 (Friday and Saturday). They are open rain or shine since the majority of it is a driving tour.

    Tickets for the festival are based per person. If you have anywhere from 1-15 guests it is $20 per vehicle or $15 Monday through Thursday with a donation. They love food donations that will all go to the Lowcountry Food Bank. If you plan on renting a bus with 16-30 guests it is $40 on the weekdays and $50 on the weekends and if you over 31 guests, $100 on the weekdays and $150 on the weekends. One way I got around that this year was by buying a Gold Pass. If you are a parent in the Lowcountry, I can’t say enough about this. It’s $85 and it gets you into all of their parks year-round as well as admission to several festivals and events, like this one.

    The Lights

    Once you start on the path of the lights, you will notice they are everywhere. On the ponds, in the trees, there are a few you drive through as well. You will see some familiar Charleston sights like the Charleston Row, the Yorktown, a joggling board and a great tribute to our old bridge and new bridge. You will also go through different themed sections like under the sea, candy land, and dinosaurs.

    Visiting the North Pole or AKA “Doing the Stuff in the Middle”

    While on your drive you will see certain places to stop and park and enjoy the sights in the middle. You will see signs for Lot A, B, or C and they are typically found on the left. Park your car and enjoy walking through some lights. In the middle, there are a few things to see and do.

    The Carousel

    This is a great place to start as well as meet any family and friends who may have lost you in line while in your car. It has all sorts of animals for your child to choose from as well as some benches if you just want to sit. Tickets are $1 per person and parents can ride free with your kid.


    There are all sorts of sweet treats at the Festival of Lights. This year they have Funnel Cakes but the one thing most people gravitate to is the giant marshmallows. They have fire pits spread out nearby that you will see many crowded around either warming up or roasting a huge marshmallow.


    The Santa that you see at the Festival of Lights is hands down one of the best. He is super patient and you can just tell he loves being Santa. Now I’m not going to lie to you, the line is usually pretty long but it can move fairly fast. I think we waited last night for about 30 minutes. If you have wiggly kids, the area where Santa is is pretty big and they can run around while you wait. Another thing that makes the whole experience fantastic is also the photographer. He can make your kids laugh and you will have some of the best photos. The prices can be a bit much but I have always gotten the cheapest 5x7 that they offer, scan it, and send it to relatives.

    As you can see, the Festival of Lights should not be missed during the holiday season, especially if you have kids. One trip and you will see why it has been named one of the best festivals not only in the US but around the world too!


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    Sadly there is no week 3 post. However, I was able to catch bits and pieces of the episode. My main takeaway from week 3’s episode is that the Backstreet Boys made an appearance, the girls found out Corinne has a nanny, and Vanessa had a one-on-one date with Nick where she got motion sickness and got sick in front of him. Now that's true love, folks!

    Last week we left off with no cocktail party, just a pool party. Which isn’t every day a pool party at the mansion?

    All the girls are uncomfortable with Corrine. Given. We’re at the part of the season where they sit in groups and all talk about how much they dislike her and blah, blah. Speaking of, where is Corinne? Sleeping during said pool party. For some reason, this upsets the other girls. 

    Since all the girls are fed up with Corinne’s hand on and selfish actions, they all want to confront Nick and find out basically WTF is going on. Sweet Vanessa strikes first and she’s questioning Nick’s intentions. Does he want a wife or what? That conversation basically goes nowhere, because Nick isn’t sure what Vanessa or the girls saw and he IS looking for a wife. Vanessa swoons and no other girls confront him. Ladies, don’t be blinded by his words!

    Since Vanessa and Danielle L. already received roses from the previous week, there are 15 roses up for grabs during tonight’s ceremony. Raven, Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Jasmine, Left Shark (Alexis?), Astrid, Danielle M., Jaimi, Rachel, Josephine, Sarah, and of course, Corinne, all get a rose. Which sucks because I liked Christen and Brittany. They say their goodbyes with no eye contact to Nick, but tears to the camera.

    Our man Chris Harrison shows up where we learn it’s time to pack up the bags and say goodbye to the mansion!

    This is also the episode where the world traveling begins. 50 shades of jealous over here. First world tour stop- Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I think if I was one of the girls I would have been like “Nah, I’m good.”

    We’re now in Waukesha, WI, the hometown of our very own bachelor and my good friend, Katelynn! (she doesn’t know Nick, I already asked) Nick is reunited with his parents and I’m literally crying tears! Love a guy who wants to flaunt his girlfriends to his parents. After a good parent heart to heart, we learn that Nick’s biggest hope is that one relationship shines a little brighter than the rest. Which is understandable when you’re dating 20+ women. Of course, we want him to finally find true love.

    “We don’t want to see you on the show again” –Nick’s dad. And America.

    First up on the agenda, the girls meet up with Nick. They spend a total of two minutes together when Nick drops the bomb that there will be a one-on-one date with my girl, Danielle L. Their date consists of walking around his hometown, visiting some places on memory lane, and doing a little cookie decorating. My kind of date.  Then like any small town, they run into one of his ex-girlfriends. AWKWARD since this is every new girlfriend’s worst nightmare. Danielle L. is literally the third wheel now. Luckily, ex-girlfriend gives some nice advice as to why Nick is probably still single, and the date is back to being romantic and not awkward. Nick gives Danielle L. a rose at the end of the date and I really really think he likes her. In addition to the rose, Nick also has a surprise. They walk into this crowded AF bar where Chris Lane is performing. If you don’t know who Chris Lane is, don’t feel bad because neither do I. Nick and Danielle L. slow dance on stage as hundreds of fans scream and cheer. Hope she doesn’t get stage fright.


    Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Danielle M., and Corinne are the group date girls that get to get down on the farm. I take back my previous comment—THIS is my kind of date.

    The girls put on their cowboy boots and tank tops that say something country related, so when they arrive on the dairy farm they fit in. The girls all walk into the barn where Nick is bottle-feeding a baby calf and says “y’all”. Like, no. The group date is going to consist of everyday farm chores of throwing out hay, doing a little milking by hand, and shoveling manure out of the stalls. Good thing they've all dressed appropriately in their white pants.

    Corinne is above farm chores, though. Which I find hilarious since if it wasn’t for people doing farm chores, there wouldn’t be any cows for the milk and she wouldn’t have her precious “cheese pasta” or any food for that matter. Sorry, agricultural communicator rant. So she acts like a brat basically and stops doing the chores. Which again, make the other girls upset. Corinne could breathe and we'd all be upset with her. (We later find out she lost feelings in her fingers and almost had to go to the hospital, AKA work.)

    After the group date on the farm, all the girls get dressed up in their black pleather jackets for the cocktail portion of the evening. Personally, the evening is a little boring until Corinne confronts the girls for talking about her. Again, really? But even that was boring. Is this “Corinne is the bad guy” bit going to end soon because I’m really tired of talking about her and watching the same thing every episode.

    Now it’s time for Raven’s one-on-one date. A relaxing day of watching girl’s youth soccer games. Sorry Raven, but that’s actually the last place in the entire world I would want to be on a date at. BUT she meets the parents and that’s kind of a big deal this early in the season. Last time a girl met the ‘rents this early, the mom cried so Ben ended up sending the girl home after they left their house.

    That’s not the case this time. The parents love her, the little sister loves her, heck I love her!

    This date has actually been going really well. They end up at a roller rink where we learn Nick is probably the biggest nerd ever. Did anyone else notice him rolling by when Raven and the little sister were chatting? Now they’re just skating around to 90’s music and I’m dying because that is serious 9-year-old Molly date goals. I think it’s a given that she’s getting a rose after this date!

    During their dinner portion of the date where they actually don’t eat the food, Raven opens up to Nick about the time she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, so she beat him with her stiletto. Nick literally thanks for her for basically baring her soul to him. Wait, what? This girl just told you she is capable of potentially beating you one day and you’re okay with that? 

    We round up the night with a cocktail party on the farm, minus the party. They’re in a barn in Wisconsin with what I’m going to assume is cooler temperatures, but none of them are wearing coats. Ladies, I know there’s a fire but still. Corinne pulls Taylor off to the side and confronts her for hurting her feelings. Taylor doesn’t think Corinne is mature or intelligent enough for a relationship with Nick since he’s so much older.

    But Corinne is smart, she “runs a multimillion dollar company”, guys. That makes her ready to be engaged. Their bickering back and forth is getting kind of boring until we hear Corinne say she’s going to punch her in the face, followed by B-roll shots of girls gasping at something and Vanessa dramatically passed out on someone’s lap crying. All this dramatic footage and all we get is a “to be continued…”.


    Until next week I guess...


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    Chef Jeremiah Bacon's new happy hour fare—which he's calling Bacon Happy Hour—lets the famed chef have a little fun with his weekday menu.

    Featuring tasty (and hearty) plates like cheeseburger sliders, poutine, and “totchos”—tater tot nachos—the food options are a nod to street food traditions across the nation as well as the world.

    The stars are the pork cheesesteak with peppers, onions, and melted fontina cheese, as well as the chicken wings, which throw a curveball on the traditional bar bites by featuring fish sauce, which is more often seen in Asian cuisine than on ballgame platters.


    Each day a new cocktail will be featured, offering fresh twists on classics with house-made ingredients. One such drink is the “Avery's Demise”: Tabasco chile-infused Cazadores Reposado, Citromelo, Orange, and Cilantro—typically an $11 libation priced at $6.

    The new happy hour menu will be available at The Macintosh every Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm, and somehow manages to keep every item offered priced at $6 or below. The lineup will change twice monthly to keep things fresh, mixing in totally new and creative dishes with familiar favorites.

    “I wanted a chance to show off our ‘Best Of’ dishes more often than one week a year,” said Bacon. 

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    5Church is dark. Really dark. So, if you’re expecting Instagram-worthy photos, just forget it.

    But the food…

    that makes up for the darkness.

    I attended a dinner at 5Church on Thursday night, prepared by executive chef Jamie Lynch and one of his Top Chef nemeses Katsuji Tanabe of Mexikosher Restaurant in Los Angeles.

    The dinner was a benefit for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital as part of the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. The chefs alternated dishes rather than collaborating on any one dish (when I asked Lynch if the two had collaborated, he said, “Katsuji doesn’t share well.”)

    with Chef Katsuji

    The dinner started with an Oyster Kinilaw, two briny Chesapeake Bay oysters in a broth of lime, ginger, Fresno chilis, coconut milk and a bit of cilantro.

    This was Lynch’s dish and it was my favorite of the evening, with layers of flavor, starting with the lime’s puckeringly sour initial taste, followed by the heat from the chiles mellowed by the coconut milk. It paired well with the Hungarian wine featuring the furmint grape, an acidic white.

    oyster kinilaw

    spooning up every last drop

    Katsuji had the next course, a butter-poached lobster with refried black beans, saffron and the bite of pickled jalapeno. The plate was dusted with onion ash, which is literally what it sounds like: onion is cooked all day and the charred powdery remains sprinkled over the plate.

    It’s a big trend now. I’m not sure why. The lobster and black bean combination offered a buttery taste that paired well with a Spanish rose cava.

    Katsuji also prepared braised beef tongue mole. The mole sauce was probably the standout offering of the night and the mellow tongue beneath salty cotija cheese was delicious.

    My only quibble is that the dark dish on the black plate in the dim restaurant made it hard to see what you were eating. I’m not a great photographer, but the cheese sprinkles look like stars in a night sky, and not in a poetic way. The French pinot noir was easily the best wine of the night.

    beef tongue mole with cotija cheese

    Lynch’s halibut was tender, the fish swathed in an earthy mushroom demi-glace complemented by roasted Hen of the Woods mushrooms. The highlight of a bitter note was offered by Chinese broccoli. If I were to create the menu myself, I would have slotted the halibut before the beef tongue, whose robust flavors may have masked what was supposed to be notes of ginger in the halibut.

    Still, the halibut was very good, and the Acacia Chardonnay that accompanied it was also good, although, again, it may have stood up better if it didn’t follow the bold Pinot Noir of the previous course.

    confit halibut atop mushroom demi-glace

    The final course was a coconut cream cake topped with passion fruit mousse atop a smear of hardened carmelized white chocolate. I’m not usually a fan of white chocolate, but I joined everyone at my table in using our spoons to scrape shavings of the hardened white chocolate from the plate where it had adhered. Chef Lynch offered to bring me a bowl of the stuff, but that seemed excessive, especially given that I had already moved on to the delicately sweet Inniskillin ice wine.

    coconut cream cake, passion fruit mousse and a smear of white chocolate

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  • 03/16/17--06:39: Pancito and Lefty

  • This isn’t just going to be a typical restaurant review because; I wasn’t even asked to give a review on Pancito & Lefty, the hot new Charleston Mexican restaurant founded by Jimmy Poole (of The Alley) and Chef Robert Berry. 

    But, after heading to the new spot last weekend I felt compelled to write a little something, not just because I already admire Jimmy and his crew for their continued successes, but because he’s one of the few younger entrepreneurs I’ve met in Charleston who seems to understand that nothing replaces hard work.  Sure, he appreciates the social scene and enjoys a good time, like anyone else, but more than not when you see Jimmy he’s cleaning tables at his places, helping seat and checking on customers. 

    In a time where I am constantly shocked by young people telling me they aspire to own their own business or that they do, but spend most of their time on the social scene or in pursuit of 15 minutes of fame, I am in awe of Jimmy’s and his team’s work ethic, dedication and drive to give customers an amazing, quality experience.

    Before you snarl and wonder why I am qualified to determine what a solid customer experience is, let’s just say after living in LA, NYC and traveling all over the world for my job I have experienced the downright amazing versions of customer service and seen it be the demise of many lofty establishments.  So, I am just speaking from one customer’s perspective, who until purchasing a place in Charleston and being forced to, didn’t really cook.  That’s right, my oven in NYC was used more for storage than conjuring up delicious palette pleasing dinners.  So, you could say I’m a professional diner!

    Chef Berry, Jimmy and beverage director David Axelrod need to be commended because their research paid off.  Apart from my spicy margarita, which was made with hot sauce instead of muddled jalapenos…come on guys, Pancito & Lefty’s really brings together some of the traditional Mexican flavors I learned to love while living in Los Angeles.  While in my 20s in LA I enjoyed many jaunts to Baja, Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel and Mexico City…no, when you live in LA you don’t vacation in the Caribbean…it’s Mexico or Hawaii because road trips are out, three to four hours in the car and you’re still in Los Angeles County, uh no thanks!  Palm Springs is the desert where old people go to die and Tahoe has bears…so stop judging.  My LA people get this!

    The restaurant’s guacamole is probably some of the best I’ve had in a long time.  The perfect blend of veg and spicy, smooth and chunky.  The tacos were all exceptional (carnitas and fish were my favorite) and the Mexican version of Vietnamese Pho was so flavorful I didn’t even mind eating it even with the gelatinous chunks of pork floating around.  If you’ve read my pieces you know I have a weird food textural aversion to gelatinous types of food (I hate you pork belly)!

    However, for me, probably the single most appealing aspect of the restaurant wasn’t the delicious food or the hip/retro décor, but rather the people.  Jimmy and his team have it right!  They understand that customer service can make or break a diner’s experience.  This was thrown into sharp light for me when I returned to NYC the week after dining at Pancito & Lefty’s, as I often do, still splitting my time.  What I found this time is that Charleston’s charm is having more of an impact on me than I ever could’ve imagined. 

    I was suddenly sharply aware of the lack of customer service, focus, passion and dedication several of my favorite NYC eatery’s displayed – Rosemary’s - I’m looking at you.  We had to flag our waiter down several times to get refills on our drinks… hello, we’re a table full of attractive females… isn’t that savvy-waiter training 101?  The higher the alcohol consumption the bigger the tip? Perhaps the most upsetting was finally having to ask our waiter who was leaning down to speak to the table next to us after several moments to kindly remove his backend from our table and dinner that had been delivered.  “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” but not with my delicious Italian dinner!

    Back to the point of this piece.  I will keep going back to Pancito & Lefty’s again and again.  Yes, I will order the delicious guac and cheese fondito, but more because the team there is so passionate about the experience and it shows in everything they do.  From being greeted by several folks to them accommodating our rather large crowd at the last minute it was a GREAT DINING experience.  Not only did we interact with our waiter, but we talked to several other staff members casually stopping to check on us and chat us up about the rationale behind each tasty treat. 

    This was a refreshing throwback for me… people in service caring about that service and what they were putting in front of you! It really is about the people and aspiring restaurateurs should remember that.  Fill your place with passionate, dedicated team members and you’ll win loyal customers who will help your business thrive.  Pancito & Lefty’s I would totally join your gang!

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    When you think the Nitty Gritty Dirt band has reached their apotheosis of well deserved, hard earned success - you must first think of how they got there and if the show is going to be over?  Headlining stages now across America for their Golden Anniversary Circlin’ Back Tour, they will feature greatest hits of their last fifty years of “getting dirty.” 

    In the late 60’s southern California, Long Beach was just arriving at the new sound that was being captured like a bug in a bell jar, the country, roots, and folk-rock music genre. Not too far gone were the squeaky clean quartets and bubble gum trios of the fifties, emerging slowly were the autodidactic pioneers of bluegrass with a new sound that has had the unwavering ability to not only stick around, but still allude from the same musicians (some here and there removed and welcomed back) that captured the wash tub, harmonica, drums and guitar and have freshly added new sounds through each five decades of jamming backyard style. 

    Garnering multi-platinum and gold albums and winning two Grammy’s and most recently a Mid-South Regional Emmy from their Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Friends-Fifty Years, Circlin’ Back PBS special has only encapsulated their foot thumping, crowd singing, world renown lyrics from some of their more popular songs Fishin’ In the Dark and Dance Little Jean by their venerated fan base.

    The biorhythm of their sound has lived longer than some people do. The guys played live at Charleston Music Hall Saturday night.  And after interviewing drummer, Jimmie Fadden, it's clear the band is still riding the wave they first caught in Cali with no foreseen future of putting down the board. As for me—I’ll be clicking my heels with Mr. Bojangles enjoying the crowned Huckleberries of dirt.

    What is the theme behind your new tour, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band—50 Years of Dirt?

    Well, we are basically circling back to the beginning of Dirt and us being together that long.  We have the opportunity to select from our archives- like a small library- we are choosing from this museum of memories and recalling stories and singing songs we like from the last 50 years.

    What are you and the guys pre-show and post-show routines?

    It has certainly changed over the years.  But, we always wanted space and time to shut our eyes, reach a safe harbor to cast off from.  You have to be mentally alert to play instruments and remember words to songs.  You have to connect all the dots in the things you play to illicit a good sound.  We don't close down the bars like we used to, but I know we have brought the same abundance and entertainment to our fans, and we feed off their energy.  We cannot stay up all night when our duty is to fulfill the audience's expectations and meet their standards.

    Do you guys have any necessary comforts during your tours and road trips?

    I am a sock-less, avid Converse Chuck wearer.  I have quite a number.  Those always come with me and my old IBM-T60 that I get picked on by the guys for being such a dinosaur of a computer.  We all read and trade books.  And we all like to get out in the town we are visiting and check out the history and architecture- that is if we have time. 

    What can Nitty Gritty fans expect from this special anniversary tour?

    I guess the question that many fans are asking themselves is,”can they still do it.”  “How old are they if this is a Golden Anniversary?”  Our energy and vitality are still very much there.  We have a great deal of fun and we are always pleasantly surprised with the audiences jubilation for us still.  After watching their excitement that’s we can say, “that was good, we had a great show.” and the answer to the question “are we ever going to stop…my reply is always ‘one day at a time’.”

    What is it like being a band that has been playing together for so long?

    “We are like cheese, we have gotten better with age…an aged cheddar.”  I am proud to be in a band that plays like we do at this point in our career.  I guess we possess a youthful energy especially when we hit the stage.

    Are there any memorable pranks you have played on each other or on others?

    Once our bass player, Les Thompson changed a hotel marquee with red plastic letters that said “Welcome Levi’s” to “Welcome Elvis.”  I imagine a lot of people showed up that night.

    What is your favorite part about performing live?

    Performing live gets me out of me.  I become you.  I get to share what has been shared with me.  Our audience has acquired a sort of soundtrack to their life and I get to be that.  It is a wonderful place to be somewhere that everything is reciprocal. It’s a special trade with us and our audience.

    What was your inspiration to play music?

    My mother learned to play the piano by ear and I would always hear her sing harmony in church, which always sounded so weird to me. But she taught me that.  My family was very supportive of music.  To play roots music, jug band music in southern California was a part of my social identity.  Everyone was loving country music, so to add what we thought was different and a part of our own personal suitcase of memories is what made us unique and our sound pretty timeless.

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    Opening day, essentially a national holiday to some. The smell of cut grass, peanut shells crunching beneath your feet, the beginning of warmer weather and dinners that consist of hot dogs and cheap beer. 

    Thursday, April 6, the Charleston RiverDogs open the gates of Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park (commonly known as The Joe) to host the Lexington Legends at 7:05 p.m., in a four-game weekend series that will start off their 2017 season.

    RiverDog fans take note- this isn’t just any old Opening Day celebration. Nope. This is an Opening Day AND birthday celebration! The Joe celebrates its 21st birthday with a full on party. What better way to celebrate a 21st birthday, but with a Thirsty Thursday night. That’s right, join the RiverDogs celebration for Budweiser Thirsty Thursday presented by 95SX. Catch the game while partying with music by DJ Natty Heavy and dollar beers at the Budweiser Ashley View Pub. In addition to dollar beers, the first 3,000 fans in attendance will also receive a RiverDogs magnet schedule.

    Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...right? Or in dining at The Joes' case, buy me some Jacked Cotton Candy Burgers and Angry Apple Pie Shakes! The RiverDogs Food & Beverage department announced that a few new treats will be added to the 2017 season’s menu! Make sure you plan to get one of the following on your next trip to The Joe:

    Jacked Cotton Candy Burger—a combination of cotton candy and cracker jacks topping your normal burger.

    • Angry Apple Pie Shake—a sweet treat made with Angry Orchard Cider, fresh apple pie, cinnamon, and vanilla ice cream. #SUMMERGOALS

    • Dorito Nacho Dog—an all-beef Hebrew National six-inch hot dog topped with crushed Doritos chips, taco cheese, and jalapenos. Yum!

    • New Awlin’s Dog—Your traditional dog topped with freshly cooked crawfish, sautéed peppers and onions with Cajun-inspired brown gravy topping it all off, I do declare.

    • Apple and pecan pie can be found at Pie House for a little midgame dessert.

    • “Take Me Out With the Crowd” Nachos—chips tossed with cinnamon sugar, topped with cracker jacks, and drizzled with caramel sauce.

    • Funnel cake fries at the State Fair stand.

    Typical baseball meals not your favorite? Try an alternative at the MUSC Health Fresh & Fit Café like the Harvest Salad, an entire head of lettuce stuffed with quinoa, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, fresh fruit, and feta cheese served up in a souvenir baseball helmet. Also, try Bill Murray’s Black Bean Burger, a local handmade black bean burger topped with cilantro slaw, or how about other a la cart items like the turkey burgers, veggie cups, and fruit cups!

    Catch me at the RiverDogs' opening game, I'll be at the Budweiser Ashley View Pub cheering on my favorite Holy City baseball team! 

    Tickets for Opening Day and other games throughout the season can be purchased online or at the stadium gates. Prices for seating sections vary. 

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    Amidst the sound and fury of the great Charleston Hotel Debate, 86 Cannon has slipped in quietly, with only five guest rooms and a designer who says she was determined to honor the “bones” of the former home to a prominent Charlestonian.

    The 1862 home was occupied by a daughter of Peter Poinsette, the brother of, Septima Poinsette Clark, for whom the Crosstown is named. Owner Marion Hawkins has said he wrote to the elderly woman asking if she wanted to sell it. She agreed, after first refusing outright, and the home was converted to what it is today, a bed and breakfast.

    Guests are greeted by Sully and Gus, two curly buff Cockapoo pups who hang out in the office in the rear dependency. The designer, Betsy Berry of B. Berry Interiors, made sure the accommodations were as comfortable for Sully and Gus as they are for guests, and the hotel office has a tiny doggie door leading out onto a miniature fenced yard just for the dogs (guest dogs are not allowed at 86 Cannon). The rear office in the Dependency House also has a commercial kitchen for larger gatherings.

    The salon — photo by Katie Charlotte

    The front house, where the guest rooms are, is divided into three floors. The main level features a hand-painted entry floor. In a tour of the property, Berry shows off the grass cloth wall covering in the cool blue front parlor and the petite furniture. Other rooms include a library with an honor bar on the third floor and a small cafe for Continental breakfasts and early evening wine and cheese.

    “A lot of the furniture is custom made and had to be made to scale,” she says. “These rooms are not large, so we had smaller furniture to give it an open feel.”

    Bathrooms in each room have a modern feel, with light-colored floating marble vanities.

    The Blue Room — photo by Katie Charlotte

    Berry says the location of the Inn allows easy access to Hominy Grill, Xiao Bao Biscuit, and the other up-and-coming restaurants only a block away on Spring Street, as well as the Grocery and the Ordinary for more upscale dining. And the neighborhood, while still a little scruffy, “may not be shiny and perfect, but there is so much authenticity in this neighborhood. The history is still here.”

    Rooms start at $359 a night.

    “I don’t think many spaces, especially hotels, have the same aesthetic,” Berry says. “The aesthetic is bowing down and respectful of the bones of the house and architecture. It has a traditional feel, but the modern aspects make it young and fresh. It still feels like Charleston.”

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    Hands down coolest part of being a traveling stylist is getting to see all of the different houses/apartments of my clients throughout the city.

    There are over 3 millions residents and over 50 neighborhoods within the city of Buenos Aires. One of those 3 million people, my client John, lives in the beautiful historic neighborhood of San Telmo.

    John has lived in San Telmo for 12 years, and often we discuss the restaurant scene, the markets, theaters, and more that fill the neighborhood. 

    Knowing my interest in exploring San Telmo more, John so kindly offered me to stay at his home while he was on vacation. A Buenos Aires staycation?? Yes, please! I jumped on this offer- packed my bags, my wiener dog, and headed to San Telmo for a 3 day staycation. 

    Here’s a day-by-day look into my blissful holiday. (I hope you’re ok with food pics...) 


    I arrived to San Telmo around 3pm- toured John’s gorgeous home, put my things in my room, and introduced the pups (he has two)…they all became fast friends.

    After settling in, I took a short walk to Parque Lezama- one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Buenos Aires.

    It overflows with palms and other trees, blooming flowers, bright open lawns, brick walkways, benches…stunning.


    Friday night I met some friends at Dada Bistro (technically the neighborhood of Retiro, but borders San Telmo).

    We dined right before 10pm and the vibe of this place was absolutely perfect- dim lighting, eclectic crowd, boho interior, fabulous food, and delicious wine.


     [I ordered the Lomo Dada- steak medallion over potato gratin with a dijon sauce. Highly recommend]


    Around 10am I set out (with my dachshund Nellie of course), to explore the hood.

    Just one block away I stumbled upon an incredible farmers market- vendors set up with fresh fish, organic meats, cheese, dried fruits/nuts, any and every fruit/veggie, and more.


    [every Saturday from 9-3pm, corner of Mexico St & Balcarce St]

    Although I could have enjoyed an organic apple for breakfast, I already had it set in my mind that I was going to brunch at Hierbabuena- a well received natural-food restaurant.

    I’m certainly happy I did…as it’s safe to say I am now obsessed. For starters, it is located on a charming avenue that gives you NYC vibes.

    Hierbabuena's colorful facade is playful and inviting, and the interior equally as fun with green tile and aqua-stripped walls. 


    The menu is FULL of tasty dishes- a variety of poached egg toasts, fresh salads, risottos/pastas, sandwiches, and more.

    Don’t forget to flip the menu, where its other side is dedicated to a giant, heavenly juice selection. I ordered the Green Omega Seed juice along side my Egg & Chicken.  

    Insert smiley face with heart-eyes when my food arrived…and its tasted even better.

    The juice was so fresh and FULL of flavor..and I loved every bite of my warm chicken salad with perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Seriously, can’t wait to go back. 


    After spending the afternoon walking through each street of the neighborhood and then resting a bit, I got ready for my Saturday night- dinner and a theater.

    I headed to the beautiful, gothic-style performing arts center- Teatro Margarita Xirgu. Here you can catch an array of shows- concerts, orchestras, ballets, plays, etc. I had the pleasure of watching the comedic skits of Los Blablas, 5 guys who act different scenes, each paired with music and humor. The actors are hilarious and talented, even if you don't speak Spanish you’d be highly entertained. 


    After the theater followed dinner at Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from the theater. Another score!

    Great ethnic dishes packed with flavor and spice, paired with a good beer selection and casual-cool atmosphere- I found Saigon to be the real deal.

    I sat at the bar and chatted with the cooks and servers, everyone super friendly.

    I wanted to try a little bit of the menu, so thats what I did. Check out the colors and vibrancy of these dishes! 

    (From Left) 

    -Spring rolls with shrimp y mango, served with a thick peanut soy dipping sauce. 

    -Bún Tom- HUGE cold noodle salad with poached blackened shrimp, seasoned noodles with sesame, lemongrass, gengibre and honey. Mix it all up with the accompaniment- shredded carrots, mint, bean sprout, cilantro, cucumber, lettuce. SO GOOD. Extremely flavorful and fresh. Giant portion, giant flavors. 

    -Nem fríos -Eggs rolls with pork and beans. Crispy and tasty. 

    -Hoja de parra (Beef marinated in lemongrass, seasoned and wrapped in grape leaves.. sprinkled with chopped peanuts and served on a bed of green onions and lettuce. Great appetizer, layers of flavor. 

    (I would have ordered the pho but didn’t have room. The pho looks amazing as well as many others hot dishes)


    I woke up Sunday morning to the sound of people stirring and the smell of choripan in the air. Yay, it’s FÉRIA DOMINGO (Sunday fair) en San Telmo! So happy my staycation fell on a Sunday…to me, this day is magical.


    Every Sunday San Telmo hosts a fair that leads down 13+ blocks of Defense St., packed with food, music, and vendors selling anything from antiques, art, leather goods, jewelry, and much, much more.


    Love, love, love these handmade purses. Real leather bags that cost around $50. Argentina has one of the top cattle population in the world. Therefore, not only are the steaks out of this world, but the leather goods are phenomenal- all at much lower prices than anywhere fathomable in the US. 


    I mentioned the smell of Choripan in the air…and obviously could not resist in indulging in this Argentine classic. Grilled chorizo- hot off the asado, into a baguette, and topped with chimmichuri and an onion-pepper salsa…mine was gone is 2.5 seconds and I wanted another one (I refrained). 


    If you’re looking for the best tango shows, San Telmo is the place to be. The dance originated in Argentina in the late 1800’s, and this neighborhood housed majority of that history. 

    I headed back to my stay-cation home after several hours at the market. I strongly considered staying in and relaxing, but come on, my last night of stay-cation called for one last outing. Around 10 pm I walked down the block and into the most lovely little French restaurant- Brasserie Petanque. Highly recommended by John, and several others, I made sure not to miss this spot. The interior is elegant and cozy, but also eclectic and fresh. The prices aren’t low but could be worse, plus the food is high quality and every single item is made in house. I started with the fish soup- a perfectly textured puree of fresh fish and spices, topped with grilled shrimp and mussels, and a crispy toast with garlic aioli. The flavors were divine- the dish not to be missed.


    Contemplating between the steak tartar and the rabbit, I settled on the latter. Although I’m sure both are delicious, the rabbit was cooked perfectly, over a creamed potatoes, dijon cream, and fresh herbs. Every bite was delectable. Sadly I couldn’t fit the creme brûlée into my stomach. But, I will definitely be back.



    It’s sad but true- my staycation is over. San Telmo is a neighborhood full of character, and I had a truly incredible time exploring it. Thanks for following my trip! 

    Whether you’ve just moved to a new city, or have lived in the same place for 30 years- I highly suggest taking a stay-cation in a different part of town. Having the chance to sleep, wake up, explore, etc., for a few days, makes such a big difference on how you feel about and know an area. Do it! 

    For more photos or information please contact me at

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    I love Charleston for many reasons and one of those reasons being that the food scene is never dull.

    When I got the ivnite to attend a fun dinner party to try Sweet Lulu's Bakery, a local bakery on wheels and First Name Basis, a woodfire camper, I had to attend!


    It was a perfect humid summer dinner that made you believe you were on the set of a cute little French film.

    I walked up to the Striped Pig Distillery and was greeted by the owner of First Name Basis, Amanda.

    She informed me that she had options for us that included pizza with squash, cheese, peas, onions and that it would be a fire grilled right there in the camper.


    They had rolled the dough right in front of us as we stood in awe of what a perfect setting we were at.

    I was so excited and starving so I took a bite out of everything.  See for yourself below:


    I told Amanda that I couldn't help but want to know the recipe for the delicious salad in the upper right corner.

    It consisted of oranges, radishes, and parsley! This dish right here could've won a summer dish contest on The Food Network.


    Not pictured is the yummy stuffing of pita bread with sausage (In Image below), a salad on the lower right corner and any veggies you heart desires.

    We ate our meal alfresco on the Striped Pig Disterilly lawn while sipping on local beer. 

    Then Sweet Lulu's Bakery came over, introduced herself and (as an avid Instagram follower of hers) I was eager to try the desserts!

    She also dropped off her new bourbon cocktail using Striped Pig Disterilly bourbon - I haven't had bourbon in years and let me tell you, this was refreshing!


    Sweet Lulu's is an adorable mini food truck, more like a retro take on the food truck that is famous for its' desserts.

    We got to try all 3 flavors of the mason jar cakes: red velvet, apple bourbon pie, and key lime pie. The best one?

    We couldn't decide! So, we all shared and I actually honestly am never a big red velvet person but guess which one "took the cake" for me? The red velvet one!

    In reality, I wanted to actually eat about 5 more (however, I behaved).

    Sweet Lulu's has the cutest decor. I love how The Town Serif created an elegant and retro feel with her calligraphy for the menu - such a special touch!

    We finished off our dessert with water with fresh mint leaves then set off to a Riverdogs game.

    Such a great early evening dinner and loved meeting, supporting and admiring local entrepreneurs and talents!

    Thanks again to everyone involved who invited us out! 

    To learn more about any of the vendors featured please click on the name below :


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     The Taste of Hutson Alley gathers several of my favorite Charleston's restaurants and offer a taste of each.

     The alley is decorated with flowers, lights strung, high tables for nibbling and a live band!

      I personally love the restaurants that line the alley including and past 39 Rue De Jean. Restaurants featured included Coast Bar and Grill,Vincent Chicco's, Michaels On The Alley, Victor's Social Club and Virginia's on King.


    The entryway took me to a European vacation that resembled Italy.

    I was in awe as I walked into the entryway to be greeted with a gorgeous champagne table that looked like it belonged in a wedding magazine.

    The architecture in Charleston never ceases to amaze me then mixed with a sprinkling of event decor and it just translates beautifully. I love Charleston!

    We grabbed our glasses of champagne, headed towards the first table past the entrance and were greeted by Coast Bar and Grill.

    Coast provided the crowd with one of my personal favorites. It was a Blue crab heirloom tomato gazpacho that was TO DIE FOR!

    Next up, was a refreshing bite from Michael's on the Alley's dish. This was a scallop conservawith watermelon cucumber salad and toasted farro.

    The chef prepares a dish for us to try. Mouthwatering and refreshing, I will take that any summer night!

    Moving to the next table, we stopped at Vincent Chicco's table. Thus, here we had a fabulous bite of thinly sliced porchettawith watercress salad and hazelnut vinaigrette.

    Next stop: Virginia's on King. I could eat this peachy bite daily. It consisted of chilled South Carolina peaches, mountain honey chattily, mint.

    There also was a chicken thigh but I covered that bad boy in sauce and it was gone before I could even snap a pic. (sorry, not sorry!)

    There was also a moment where we went by 39 Rue De Jean's table. There I devoured their fantastic Lemon rosemary panisse with goat cheese mousse and olive tapenade.

    This, again, has no picture of evidence but it was fabulous and filling!

    We finished the night with live jazz music singing to old Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, John Mayer and old hits. But, we didn't forget the dessert!

    We went inside to find Good Food Catering serving up tarte bites of chocolate and key lime pie! I took a box home (hey, they offered!).

    To see more, eat more and enjoy Charleston bites and bubbly, click here.


    I also recommend Victor's Social Club on a Thursday night as they have jazz bands perform!


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    Charleston's restaurant scene is booming more than ever and we have another one to add to the list, Ink N Ivy on King Street!

    An eclectic style meets American food with a twist! We had to go taste, smell, feel and touch it to see what the new buzz is about.

    We had two Grit writers attend the Ink N Ivy Grand Opening event a few nights ago to cover their true opinions on the space!

    Our first writer who attended the event, Helen Mitternight said this about the venue:

    "I know this is the Charleston entry to a restaurant already established in other cities, but I deliberately read nothing about the others, hoping the Holy City venue can stand on its own.

    The first step is the phalanx of young lovelies at the door with names on a list. My name is nowhere to be found (I didn’t crash, I swear!) but they graciously let me in anyway because I’m writing for YOU, the Grit reader.

    The restaurant is dim and I am confused. Is this a restaurant or a nightclub? It has more of a nightclub vibe, with pounding music and over-the-top odd décor that will surely compete with anything coming from the kitchen.

    Perhaps a drink will help. The Sorry/Not Sorry, a fresh blend of vodka, St. Germaine, watermelon, lime and mint, is delicious. There is no straw in the tall, thin glass, so I am pursing my lips to drink and avoid the huge mint leaf plunked in the top that keeps tickling my nose.

    Perhaps tickling is supposed to be part of the experience?


    Appetizers trickle slowly from the kitchen and they are either very good or I am very hungry: fried plantain chips loaded with pimento cheese and salsa, drizzled with balsamic; a deep-fried puff of something vaguely hammy; chunks of prime rib. All good, but none giving a hint as to the theme of the place.


    Maybe I’m just not cool enough to get it, although I am hardly the oldest person in the room.

    I ask a younger friend the theme.

    “Um, steampunk?” he ventures, looking at the monitors with line art of vaguely surreal subjects, such as the hands gently cradling a giant eyeball. “You know, the kind of place that won’t be a sports bar?”

    I point out the two TVs over the bar tuned to ESPN.

    “Oh,” he says, shrugging. “I don’t know then. It’s cool, though.”

    And it is, three levels of eye-popping art, leopard skin print booths and tables both high and low.

    The trappings are cool, I’m just not sure it’s cemented its core yet. I’ll give it another try, though, and see if I can figure it out."

    Our second wrtier, Haley Moore attended and said this about the space:

    "Ink N Ivy is incredible! The place is huge! Just steps from the new Hyatt, the hotel garage supplies ample parking helping give this part of Upper King new life and making it the new party spot.

    When you first walk in you are greeted by a very eclectic feel. From animal heads on the wall, to a psychic looking piece going up the stairs, the place is quirky. The space is comprised of both an upstairs and a downstairs, both having ample space.

    This is probably one of the largest restaurants in Charleston. It is hard to believe this building used to house a pawn shop. The bar downstairs is long and massive. There is also plenty of downstairs seating. I really enjoyed the upstairs.

    The upstairs had big windows with views of King Street. The bar upstairs was smaller, but nice. There is a large dining room upstairs as well.

    What really made Ink N Ivy stand out amongst other new King Street restaurants was their cocktail list. Going with the quirky feel, each cocktail had a very “punny” name. The first cocktail I ordered was Sorry not Sorry.

    The drink was light and refreshing and consisted of Cathead Vodka, St. Germain, Watermelon, Lime, and Mint. A good drink to start the night.

    As I was sitting at the bar, all the buzz was about a certain drink with glitter. A drink with glitter? I was intrigued. I ordered a Stop Calling Me Shirley.  The drink was composed of Tanqueray Gin, Hibiscus, Lemon, Suze, and Sparkly Bubbles.

    So where is the glitter you ask? The glass was garnished with dehydrated lemon and edible glitter on the side. It was a sight to see.

    I definitely think this is going to be the new hot cocktail for Charleston. Even if you are planning to dine elsewhere, Ink N Ivy is worth the stop for this cocktail.

    If you haven’t heard of Ink N Ivy yet, I am sure you will. This is destined to be a new Charleston hot spot."

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    Not surprising that Charleston draws a crowd given any day we have visitors coming to see our glorious historic downtown.

    However, this year brings a new event and larger crowd, the solar eclipse.

    The solar eclipse will be the first one since 1979. For those of you who ask, "what exactly is a solar eclipse?" it is a dark silhouette of the Moon that covers the intense brightness of the Sun, allowing a faint circular glow or ring (if you will) to form what we see with the eye.

    This eclipse is reaching 70 miles and heading Coast to Coast. From Oregon to South Carolina, the solar eclipse will be witnessed for about two minutes and 40 seconds.

    (Image from Great American Eclipse)

    So after you witness this part of history occur, where are you headed to celebrate?

    We got the nitty gritty details on the best parties happening around the city. Check them out:


    The gritty details:

       - 1pm - 4pm Happy Hour drink specials / DJ Rehab / $1 off 16oz drafts and $5 off specialty cocktails, eclipse glasses.



    (August 21 from 4pm - close, with Light The Night featuring beats from DJ Trevor D starting at 9:30pm)

    The eclipse inspired menu will include:

    • Solar Fondue - Chef’s pimento cheese fondue served with caramelized toast points, pickled vegetables, house smoked sausage.

    • Sun Sliders - game changing fried chicken with secret sauce

    • Moon Rolls - gourmet pigs in a blanket with house made sweet and savory dipping sauce

    • Sun Chips - fried to perfection with house dipping sauces

    • Moon Pies - Classic and house made for the sweet tooth.

    (Image from CVB and Cannon Green)

    Cannon Green:

    (The restaurant is partnering with Redux Yoga to offer a yoga class in the courtyard and afterward, Moët & Chandon spa cocktails and light fare. Tickets are between $40-60 and can be purchased here. )

    12:30 check in

    1-2 PM

    Yoga in the courtyard lead by Redux Yoga

    2 PM

    Enjoy Moët & Chandon spa cocktails and light bites

    2:45 PM

    Eclipse viewing in the Cannon Green courtyard with protective viewing glasses


    - 12pm - 4pm. $20 gets a drink ticket and eclipse glasses. DJ Mike Tech.  The event will feature craft cocktails from Absolut Vodka, Jim Bean and more.

    There are hundreds of parties around town but we just rounded up our fave picks of unique choices. For more of our favorites (and family friendly parties) click here. For the Patriot's Point Party click here

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